Solar Power is forever

welcome to SOLAR VN inc.

As a result of rising electricity prices solar panel installations have become a cost-effective choice for homeowners across the country. You can reduce your monthly utility costs, add immediate value to your home, and produce your own clean power by installing a solar panel system.

SolarVN can help you reduce 80% of your bill or even eliminate it completely. If you got more energy than your usage, the local power energy company will credit the extra energy not used back to you.

If you have any interest and want to know how to generate power by a thin panel on your roof or in your back yard and also reduce your bill. SolarVN will be the right solution for you.

Please call us at (408) 665 - 5379 to get free estimate for your home or business.

Some tips we need to know

   ◘ Solar energy is our planet's fundamental energy source.

◘ Peoples often ignore the power of the sun.

◘ Reduce air pollution.

◘ Reduce your bill today.